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Our Philosophy

Your success is our success

Business Partner

We take the time to continuously understand your business needs.


We bring our clients together to identify opportunities and provide an economy of scale.

Curator of

We identify opportunities to solve problems and drive revenue through Fintech and other partnerships.


We elevate the digital experience by deeply integrating with your core and other systems.

Our Story

We are an enterprise digital banking CUSO that exclusively serves credit unions. Since our founding in 2007, we have developed a comprehensive, state-of-the-art suite of digital products that represent your largest member touch point, with the ability to expand across your other member engagement channels. We are owned by multiple credit unions and dedicated to the mission of bringing advanced technology solutions to your membership.

Connect is headquartered in Sandy, UT, within the Salt Lake City metropolitan area.

Our Approach

We use a mobile-first development strategy, aggressively including the bulk of our online banking functionality into our native mobile application for feature parity and maximum member convenience. What really differentiates Connect from the competition is our departure from the traditional cookie-cutter approach, and our flexibility to fully customize the application to achieve each client's objectives, in a very affordable manner.

Connect has always put our clients in the driver’s seat when it comes to product evolution and the development roadmap. Our Client Advisory Council plays an important role in prioritizing projects for ongoing general product evolution. Our Innovation Group, which contains our most forward-thinking clients, influences the development of new services to further expand the capabilities of the digital banking platform, and in doing so, is instrumental in guiding the annual product roadmap.

Our People

Our strength relies on the diverse, engaged, fun, and experienced people who create and support our products and serve our credit union clients. At every level, we seek out those rare individuals who combine analytical rigor with broad vision and a human touch. We believe that increasingly complex challenges demand people with both deeper expertise and the ability to engage with passion for technology.

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