Can You Help Me? Seamless Digital Tools that Enhance the Member Experience
The accelerated digital financial services revolution has created a more convenient but often less personal member experience. Having a member interact with a non-conversational chat tool is like sending them through a macro search experience. But as we have mentioned in several of our blogs, digital users expect efficiency during their interactions in the channel. This requires service tools that offer both personal interaction and a service experience that is familiar to consumers.
In terms of live chat, 69% of shoppers in the US demand a live chat feature, with 73% ranking live chat as the most satisfactory method of communication with a business. Members still yearn for the face-to-face interaction experience. Fortunately, video banking enables you to bridge the gap between digital and in-branch services. The use of digital video communications during the pandemic lockdown has made video the new "in-person" platform to facilitate personalized, face-to-face discussions. Video banking services create the same type of experience as social video platforms with the ability to present and execute documents.
There is no better service tool than SHOWING a disgruntled or confused digital user how to use a service on their own screen. As a digital banking provider, Connect understands that consumer financial questions related to money are emotional, so it’s necessary for members to get access to service teams quickly. We therefore offer several products for our clients to meet their members' digital service requirements and to efficiently answer the question or resolve issues in a personalized discussion. Let's take a deeper dive.
Online Chat
We covered chatbots extensively in our “ I Just Want Assistance - Now” blog, discussing the development of chatbots and how artificial intelligence and machine learning have made chat the number one ally in member assistance. Conversational chatbots do more than merely direct digital users to website content based on an answer from a library of Q&As. Conversational chatbots ask questions to refine the digital user's request and then pass that information to a service team member for resolution. The service team member can see the entire conversation before assisting the member, and with the use of some conversational chat solutions, the service team can also understand the user sentiment based on information gathered during the chat session. The service team member is then better equipped to address the user's emotional state, as well as the questions/issues. We have several partners that offer conversational chat products to meet your organization's service needs and budget.
As we mentioned earlier, collaborative browsing (or co-browsing) is a tool to efficiently resolve issues for those members who prefer a visual discussion when troubleshooting an issue or who need assistance with a digital product/service. Co-browsing enables the member to show exactly what happened or show the area of confusion, enabling the team member to quickly (we hope) show the solution.
As the features and services in your digital platform increase to meet the needs of your members, co-browsing enables you to efficiently assist those members who need a little more help than a verbal discussion can offer. Connect’s co-browsing integrations enable you to extend a conversation started in chat to a visual dialogue for quick resolution of a member’s issue. Co-browsing pleasantly answers the question "Can you show me?" in your digital banking platform.
Video Banking
To some consumers, friendly service can only be achieved face-to-face. Connect's video banking solutions not only enable you to provide face-to-face interaction, but also present and execute documents for maximum efficiency. Does the member need to add an account holder? Does a co-borrower need to sign the loan application? Do the loan applicant AND the co-borrower need to have a discussion together with the loan officer? These scenarios can be achieved “in-person” regardless of where the members are geographically.
And what about sales? Complex product sales like mortgages and home equity loans can be discussed, applied for, decisioned, and disbursed, all through video banking interactions. How is that for personal and efficient service?
The key to a better banking experience is efficient, personalized, and informative service. Today’s digital users demand personalized service beyond FAQs, webpage content, and non-conversational chat solutions. Connect's digital service and sales partnerships enable you to offer customized digital service/sales platforms for a better digital banking experience with digital tools members already use.
We know that digital banking users want to feel heard, appreciated, and valued. There is no substitute for efficient and personal attention when it comes to personalized service, whether solving a service issue, selling a product, or visually troubleshooting and solving a member problem. Digital service/sales solutions are absolutely essential to compete.